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Asbestos Removal Method Statement
Asbestos Removal is extremely dangerous and this three page Method Statement is a vital part of a safe work system.

Manual Handling Method Statement
Manual Handling injuries can be prevented through correct training and by adopting Safe Handling Method Statements. The three page Safety Prrocedure is a vital part of a safe work system.

Electric Welder Method Statement
This comprehensive two page OHS Method Statement covers Personal Protective Equipment, Pre Planning, Operating and Completion.

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Demolition Work Method Statement
Demolition Work can be extremely dangerous and this eight page Method Statement is a vital part of a safe work system.

Lawn Mower Method Statement
This three page Method Statement for lawn mowers covers transporting, pre-start, refuelling, site survey, operation and completion.

Safety Harness Method Statement
This two page Safety Harness Method Statement gives employees a step by step guide on how to safely wear a secure harness.

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Method Statements specilalize in a wide range of Method Statements for HSE compliance and contract accreditation. All Method Statements are developed with state legislation and best practice requirements. Our team of HSE Consultants are developing Method Statements every day for industries including Building and Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining, Food Handling and more. Whether you are in Cambridge, London, Nottingham or anywhere in between, Method Statements can be implemented to make your workplace safer. All Method Statements are supplied in Microsoft Word format for easy customization. There is no limit to how many times you can use them or how the Method Statements can be customized to your company branding and HSE System.

How to develop Method Statements

Step 1. Conduct a risk assessment of the activity involved. Identify the work place hazards, potential danger to personnel, members of the public and the environment.

Step 2. Refer to any manufacturers recommendations where equipment is used.

Step 3. Refer to HSE recommendations along with industry bodies, state and federal legislation.

Step 4. Consult with workers and gain feedback before finalizing the document.

Step 5. Implement into Safety Induction programme and have workers sign off.

At Method we combine real word on the job experience with our legislative and workplace standards knowledge to make the most user friendly and effective Method Statements available.

Fork Lift Method Statement
Forklift operation can be performed safely with appropiate training and the Fork Lift Method Statement forms a vital part of any HSE System or Induction.

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Gantry Crane Method Statement
Gantry Cranes have inherient dangers and this four page Method Statement is a vital part of a safe work system.

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Rigging Method Statement
The Rigging Method Statement has been developed for employers to implement a site and company Method Statement for employees and contractors to perform Rigging tasks safely.

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Rigging Method Statement
Spray Painting in a booth requires suitable Personal Protective Equipment and specific instructions on how to work safely.

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