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Spray Painting (In Spray Booths) Safety Procedure

Spray Painting in a booth requires suitable Personal Protective Equipment and specific instructions on how to work safely.

This five page Method Statement has been developed for employers to be able to give direct instructions on how to Spray Paint in a booth safely. The document can be used as part of an Induction Process and implemented into an existing OSH System.

The Method Statement for Spray Painting in a booth includes: The Method Statement is in MSWord Format and is email ready. It is generally emailed within six business hours.

The Procedure Includes:

  • PPE
  • Specific Risks
  • Operators Requirements
  • Respirators
  • Storage of Paing
  • Daily Maintenence
  • And much more...
Weed Spray

Spray Painting (In Spray Booths) Safety Notes

When Spray Painting In A Booth:

  • Ensure spray gun hoses are routed as straight as possible.
  • Only point the spray gun at the work.
  • Clean the hoses and guns thoroughly before changing colors.
  • Change and launder clothes which may of become contaminated.
  • Air monitoring must be carried out by trained personnel.

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